Master’s Program

Master’s Program

Our Vision

The Leadership South Dakota Master’s Program is a pilot program designed to meet the leadership training needs of Leadership SD alumni. The program will take components of the Leadership South Dakota program and incorporate team-building, accountability, goal-setting, and problem-solving activities. Training will focus on problem-solving, team accountability, and individual leadership growth.

Objectives of the Master’s Program

  • Meet our alumni’s needs for ongoing training opportunities.
  • Provide an opportunity for Leadership South Dakota alumni to learn from leaders in areas like state government, tourism, and cybersecurity.
  • Launch a forum for Leadership South Dakota alumni to network and discuss leadership topics of mutual interest.
  • Engage participants in a leadership team for growth in goal-setting, team building, and accountability.

Program Components

The Leadership South Dakota Master’s Program will incorporate the following components:

1. DISC Assessment

Each participant will take the DISC assessment. If the DISC assessment is already on file with Leadership South Dakota, the participant will not need to take another assessment.

2. Sessions

Three program sessions will be held, each designed over a 24-hour period in alternate months – February, April and June of 2020.

3. Virtual Book Study

A virtual book study will be held in January, March and May (alternate months to the program sessions). Books will be provided to the participants in advance of the book studies.

4. Leader in Residence

A Leader in Residence will be present during each program session to provide insight into the focus topic and reinforce general leadership principles.

5. Teams & Accountability

Each participant will be placed in a six-person team (24 participants with four groups of six). Each team will work together throughout the program on team building, problem solving and individual accountability.

6. Learning & Goal Setting

Each program session will provide participants with time to learn about the focus topic, network with fellow class members, gain knowledge from the Leader in Residence and set goals that will be shared with team members at each program session.

7. Capstone Report

Each participant will be asked to complete a brief Capstone Report which will be based on information from the program as well as plans for implementation at the conclusion of the program.

8. Evaluation

Participants will be asked to evaluate each program session and provide feedback on how the program can be improved for future alumni.


Tuition for three program sessions, including lodging, meals and program costs, is $1,500.

  • $50 registration fee (credited to tuition)
  • Payment may be paid in full prior to January 3, 2020 OR in three installments:
    • Before February 3 – $500
    • Before April 6th – $500
    • Before June 8th – $500

Note: Travel to the session locations is the responsibility of the alumni participants.


Dates and locations:

  • Session 1: Pierre – February 3 & 4, 2020 (5:00 PM to 5:00 PM)
  • Session 2: Keystone – April 6 & 7, 2020 (5:00 PM to 5:00 PM)
  • Session 3: Madison – June 8 & 9, 2020 (5:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

*More detail here.

Registration Timeline

  • Wednesday December 4th 12:00 PM CDT through 12:00 PM CDT Tuesday December 31st
  • Reminder: Selection is based on the time of application submission. To improve your chances of securing an invitation, applying as early as possible is recommended.

Selection Process

The first four completed applications from each class (4 x 5 = 20) will be selected. The next four will be at large and based on date/time. Three (3) alternates will be selected (not related to any class year) in case of participant drop-out between notification and program start date.

Other Application Notes

Any questions about the application process should be sent to

Master's Program Application

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  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Date and time stamp on your payment will serve as your time of application submission. The order that applications were completed and received by Leadership SD will be used to determine class invitations. If you do not receive an email saying that your application was submitted or a receipt for your application fee, it most likely was not a complete submission. (If not chosen for this class, paid $50 registration fee is good for 3 years.)
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