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Mission Statement

Leadership South Dakota will prepare and promote future leaders in the state with the knowledge and skills they need to lead South Dakota organizations in the future.

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Leadership South Dakota Participant Stories

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Benefits of Leadership South Dakota

Participant Benefits

  • Increased understanding of South Dakota through site tours and hearing from the people
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Improved public speaking skills through participation over the course of the program
  • Expansion of an informed network of colleagues
  • Improved team building skills through group discussion
  • Development of critical thinking and problem solving skills

Employer Benefits

  • Strengthened employee skill through training in leadership and strategic thinking
  • Increased visibility and access to community leaders and resources
  • Encourages employee volunteerism and leadership through exposure to the variety of community and non-profit organizations that service the state
  • Expanded leadership and critical thinking abilities, which will result in improved, and confident decision makers for your company

Community Benefits

  • Development of positive, strong and educated leaders for South Dakota
  • Increased cultural awareness of local issues
  • Encourages business reinvestment in our communities and state
  • Development of comprehensive relationships
  • Promotion of South Dakota resources
  • Growth of a diverse pool of active, community-oriented citizens

A look at the upcoming schedule for the 2018-2019 Class

See the full 2018 - 2019 schedule


February 20 - 22, 2018,  Kyle, SD is where you'll explore Native American history and culture. It will be an opportunity to better understand the historical issues impacting life on the nine reservations in South Dakota, as well as emerging stories. 


March 20 - 22, 2018, In Sioux Falls we'll explore the health care and financial services industries. The city is home to the country's largest rural health system and increasingly a financial hub for the entire United States.


March 29 - Eight months of hard work pays off in Chamberlain. Time for program graduation!

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