Why Leadership South Dakota?

The future success of South Dakota depends on our development of homegrown leaders; passionate and diverse citizens from every corner of the state. Leadership South Dakota’s mission is to attract engaged citizens from across the state, then provide them with the background, unique experiences and insights necessary to assume leadership positions at the community, state, and national levels.


Experiences that will expand knowledge of our state. These include tours and visits to organizations, businesses, and industries that are instrumental to South Dakota.


Access to extraordinary people who have contributed to the fabric of our state. These people are local and state leaders who have and are positively impacting South Dakota.


The leadership skills you develop will contribute to both your personal success and the future success of our state.

Leadership Values

Leadership South Dakota Values


Program Components

teaching a leadership lesson


Provide sessions that strengthen the participants’ knowledge of leadership. Participants will hear from current leaders and receive training on successful leadership behaviors.


South Dakota History

Participants will learn all that our state offers, our rich history, and the leaders that contributed before and today to our growth and development.


Topical Discussions

Participants will engage in conversations with speakers and fellow participants on current and relevant topics that impact our state. Planned activities provide participants with the chance to explore the cause and effect of relevant local issues.


Networking & Relationship Building

Participants form meaningful relationships and build professional networks with classmates during each program weekend. These relationships have proven to be one of the most significant benefits of the Leadership South Dakota experience.