Benefits of Leadership South Dakota


Leadership South Dakota was designed to ensure that everyone wins. From the individuals participating, to the employers hiring them, and even the community as a whole, everyone benefits from this program.

Participant Benefits

For Participants

  • Increase your understanding of South Dakota through site tours and presentations from successful South Dakota leaders
  • Grow your leadership skills
  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Expand your informed network of colleagues
  • Improve your team-building skills through group discussion
  • Further develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Employer Benefits

For Employers

  • Strengthened employee skill through training in leadership and strategic thinking
  • Increased visibility and access to community leaders and resources
  • Encourages employee volunteerism and leadership through exposure to the variety of community and non-profit organizations that service the state
  • Expanded leadership and critical thinking abilities, which will result in improved, and confident decision makers for your company

Community Benefits

For Communities

  • Develop positive, strong and educated leaders for South Dakota
  • Increase cultural awareness of local issues
  • Encourage business reinvestment in our communities and state
  • Promotion of South Dakota
  • Grow a diverse pool of active, community-oriented citizens