“Atomic Habits” book study summary

“Atomic Habits” book study summary

“Atomic Habits” book study summary

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I will (habit) at (time) at (location). Sounds fairly straight forward and approachable to start a new habit, right?

“I will read for 30 minutes at 9pm in my comfy chair three nights a week.” Is the habit I started two weeks ago. It’s been 14 days and I’ve read a total of one time. Ugh! And the biggest question I have for myself after 14 days is, why can’t I make the habit stick?

A group of Leadership SD alumni met last week to participate in a book study of James Clear’s“Atomic Habits”. The study was led by alumni Paula Jensen (’16). We had a great discussion, highlighting what each of us took away from the book and Clear’s teachings. We want to share the highlights with you to assist you in your habit’s journey. And we learned an amusing Melmer family trait, shared by alumni Sean Melmer (’22); read on to find out what his dad made him do every night before bed.

What is one habit that was shaped in your childhood by your culture or upbringing?
Monetary giving or giving of time.
Task-oriented workflow.
Make your bed every day.
Persistence and hard work.
Daily devotion, sit-ups and push-ups before bed (dad made me do it).
Going to church and being faithful.
Get ready the night before.
Do the dishes right after eating and load the dishwasher.
Organization in every facet of life.

What stood out from the book?
Just try to be 1% better, it compounds.
It’s about identity instead of goals.
Creating a mindset to achieve new habits is practical.
How can you maximize your potential?

What questions are still lingering?
What values would help to pursue the change?
How do I change the bad system to pursue change?
How do you stick with the habits?

Keys to success
_______ is hard, but it’s not complicated.
Habits + Deliberate Practice = Mastery
Success is not a goal to reach, it is a system to improve an endless process.
Success is 2 minutes or 1%-it is our identity.
Build on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Ask for help on the things we are really struggling with.
Find an accountability partner that has mastered it.
My greatest strength is to know my weaknesses.
Moving past your limiting beliefs.

What are you committing to?
I will journal for two minutes each night before bed.
I will reflect (journal) for 3 minutes in my room.
I will have a cup of tea at bedtime in the living room with a book.
I will read every night at 9pm in the living room.
I will set goals and review existing personal goals after my monthly review in my bed.
I will make a plan every morning while my coffee is brewing and reflect at night on the plan.
I will go for a 2 mile walk every evening on the bike trail.
I will read one book a month for one year.
I will exercise for 30 minutes during my lunch hour.





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