Managing Margins – Rick Melmer

Managing Margins – Rick Melmer

Managing Margins – Rick Melmer

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A key part to being a successful leader is how you manage your margins.  Successful leaders make the best use of their time each and every day.  That means that when they have small blocks of time, (expected or unexpected) these leaders are prepared to use that time to accomplish something productive.  It could be to complete a task that was on your to-do list or it could mean calling a loved one or an important client to catch up.  Basically, effective leaders are ready to “manage their margins” when they occur.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented time – a nationwide pandemic.  Some of us are busier than normal but many are trying to manage a lifestyle that they could not have predicted even a couple of weeks ago.  This time that we are in right now is a MARGIN that needs to be managed.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled a bit to be productive during this time.  I was so used to my schedule dictating my activity that I do not always know what to do when I look at a schedule that has more margins than meetings.  So, this is a time for me to manage my large MARGIN by getting some things done that needed to be done.  Here are a couple of things on my list right now:

  • Clean out the garage – put winter equipment away and make summer equipment available.
  • Clean out our basement storage room. It was a gallimaufry (look that one up!) and needed to be addressed.
  • Read the book by Doris Kearns Goodwin – Leadership in Turbulent Times. (Does that sound fitting right now??)

What about you?  What are some tasks that you have been procrastinating?  This is your time to complete those tasks!  Make a short list (be sure it is realistic) and then get started on it today!  Make the most of this MARGIN that has been created in your life.


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